Ivan Igrc

Linux SysAdmin / DevOps engineer

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  • Customer service
  • Troubleshooting
  • Innovative and able to think out of the box
  • Linux OS - CentOS/RedHat, Ubuntu
  • Configuration Management - Ansible, Puppet, Terraform
  • Web Servers - Apache2 , nginx
  • Mail Server- Exim, Mailman, Qmail , Sendmail
  • Yocto - Linux-based systems for embedded products
  • IoT devices (home automation)
  • Backup - tar, scp, rsync , sftp , zip, gzip
  • Security - SSH, SSL, IPtables, apf, CSF
  • Databases - SQL, MySQL
  • DNS - BIND (named)
  • FTP - Pure-ftpd, Pro-ftpd
  • Installation Techniques - RPM , Source
  • Virtualization Tools - KVM, Hyper-V, Virtuozzo, Xen, OpenVZ, VmWare
  • Little bit of BASH scripting
  • Control panels - cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin

About me

Five years ago I've finally found my calling, the Linux sysadmin/DevOps world, since then I'm constantly learning and finding more interesting projects. Currently, I'm working as a Linux system administrator / DevOps engineer, however, I am free for any offers. If you are interested feel free to contact me on anyway below.

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Ansible/Docker project

A small project is written for ansible to spin up docker containers which had following services: haproxy, nginx, php-fpm, mysql and redis. Code available in my Github account listed below.

More coming soon